February 7, 2022

2022 New Year’s Gambling Resolutions for Smart Players

Liam O'Sullivan
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Happy 2022! It feels great to see yet another yeah, huh? But for casino players, this is the time to set another long list of New Year’s gambling resolutions. Unfortunately for many players, creating a gambling resolution checklist is just as tricky as honoring it. 

2022 New Year’s Gambling Resolutions for Smart Players

Reason? Unrealistic expectations! But don’t fret because this article has already done the donkey work to bring you these few but realistic 2022 gambling goals to achieve.

Resolution #1. Play Mobile Casino Games

Playing less often these days? Try playing at the best mobile casinos for a change. The thing is that playing on a land-based casino every weekend can be inconvenient and expensive. Players must have enough gambling budget to tip the dealer, buy drinks, pay a taxi, and so on. But, on the other hand, mobile casinos offer a remote and on-the-go experience. Just open the data connection and enjoy the games anywhere. 

Resolution #2. Buy a Gaming Smartphone

Although this one sounds costly, playing with a suitable device is necessary. Most players switch back to laptop gaming just because they don’t have a “good-enough” smartphone. Luckily, a good gaming smartphone doesn’t cost more than $1,000. In fact, a $200 phone should bring down the jackpot. Getting one comes with a better display, fast refresh rates, advanced security features, longer battery life, and many other perks. 

Resolution #3. Create a Working Budget

When it comes to going professional in 2022, a gambling bankroll immediately comes to mind. A betting budget is vital whether playing at a mobile or land-based casino. Creating a working budget ensures that you don’t bet with more than what you can lose. This can shield you from the financial tremors of long losing streaks. Remember, never play with funds budgeted for other needs. 

Resolution #4. Stick to Skill-Based Games

The chances are that you’ve been playing mobile slots with little success in the past year. Now, change that and embrace table games like blackjack and poker. Unlike slot machines and other games of luck like baccarat and roulette, poker and blackjack players can use strategies to win the game. For instance, blackjack players can count cards to reduce the house edge and increase their winning potential. So, stick to the table.

Resolution #5. Play Demo Versions

How many times have you practiced a game before playing it? Again, this is a common mistake among mobile casino players. Playing the free demo version lets you know the ins and outs of a game before diving risking a coin. Some game developers don’t give away crucial game information like the RTP (Return to Player) and variance. So, playing the demo version is the only way to calculate your odds.

Resolution #6. Know When to Quit

Successful casino players know precisely when to show the white flag. Quitting ensures that you can retreat and reconsider your gaming plans. For example, make it a habit to stop playing after losing or adding a certain bankroll percentage. Also, walk away after playing for a certain amount of hours. In gambling, surrendering is a killer tactic.

Resolution #7. Stay Sober

There’s a common misconception that gamblers are alcoholics and drug addicts. But you can change that notion by playing sober, whether at home or in an in-person betting venue. Although taking a drink or two isn’t bad, going overboard can give false courage to make a sucker bet. So, if possible, stay sober throughout the gaming session. This also saves the wallet.

Are You Ready?

These are some important New Year’s gambling resolutions for mobile casino players. Of course, the list can be longer, depending on your goals for the year. But it’s advisable to trim it down to just a few achievable goals. Remember, it takes a lot of grinding and dedication to be a successful mobile casino player. Success!

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