December 11, 2023

Mobile Payment Methods for Your Advanced Live Casino Experience

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While the popularity of live online casinos has been growing exponentially for a while, the industry has soon realized that it has to operate according to principles and concepts common to the whole iGaming world. One of such primary concepts is an adaptation for smartphones and online devices. Statistically, more than 80% of users browse their social media pages and Internet platforms as well as play games using mobile devices.

Mobile Payment Methods for Your Advanced Live Casino Experience

If you take a look at ranking portals, live casinos for mobile phones will be the ones that occupy top positions. No wonder the matter of fast, efficient, convenient, and safe online payment for those mobile live casinos has become essential. In this article, we shall briefly overview the most popular and credible mobile payment methods for online live casinos.

Apple Pay

Considering the popularity of iPhones and other mobile Apple devices, Apple Pay might be the most actively used mobile payment solution today. The main benefit of this option is that you basically need to connect your credit-debit card, bank account, or any other payment method once, and money will be transferred thing instantly.

Another important matter is that Apple is constantly working on its security protocols, offering customers payment options with Face ID, fingerprints, and numerous other options and combinations that make payments both safe and convenient in any case.

No wonder, once players are IOS users, Apple Pay remains their primary choice while using mobile live casinos.

Samsung Pay

The existence of Samsung Pay is another chapter in the neverending argument between the two mobile giants.

Samsung Pay works according to the same principles as Apple Pay. It is another development that proves that the two companies are generally twins and offer their users identical services on different plates.

Samsung Pay is as popular and provides the same convenience and security level as Apple Pay for Samsung users. However, not that many live mobile casinos accept Samsung Pay as Apple Pay. But, considering Samsung’s market share and its compatibility with all Android devices, the situation is likely to change in the foreseeable future.


This payment platform is equally attractive and popular among IOS and Android users. Its growing popularity is mostly explained by the fact that more and more live casinos for mobile phones recognize it, making it equally comfortable for players from both “universes.”

The main benefit of MiFinity is that, unlike most e-wallets that exist today, it provides instant transactions, making gaming on the go as convenient as it might have never been before.


It is another popular e-wallet accepted by the most popular mobile live casinos. Just like any other platform of this kind, it allows you to have full access to your funds 24/7 at the tips of your fingers. It provides a pretty efficient and convenient security system through individual SMS verification codes.

With all its convenience, Simpler has one critical restriction as it operates on the EU territory only.


Once you have an account in one of the compatible banks located in Sweden, Denmark, or Germany, you may enjoy the services of the platform commonly called “PayPal for players.”

The main benefit of Pay-n-Pay is that it gladly acts as the middleman, helping you avoid the need to type in your details. Instead, Pay-n-Pay sends all the necessary information to the operator, just like the famous payment platform would do.

It provides you with an instant sign-up and even a safe and smooth experience of playing in the so-called no-registration mobile casinos.

Apple Pay

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