August 15, 2019

The Dos and Donts of Oscar’s Grind

Liam O'Sullivan
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“Although the possibility of winning a bet remains uncertain, Oscar’s Grind greatly improves the likelihood of winning. Oscar's Grind works when the outcome equally distributes between two results of similar value.

The Dos and Donts of Oscar’s Grind

A perfect example would be flipping a coin, betting red or black in roulette, and so forth. Moreover, Oscar's Grind consists of a typical positive strategy based on progression.

The history behind Oscar's Grind

Furthermore, the German and French know the strategy as Pluscoup Progression. The first documentation of the strategy began in 1965. A book called “The Casino Gambler’s Guide” referred to the strategy.

The book also recognized the strategy as a progression rooted in calculating the size of a bet. Therefore, if a losing streak occurred, the strategist would see a profit if and when an exact length occurred.

How the algorithm works

The premise of the strategy revolves around periods of wins and losses. Moreover, wins and losses usually occur in streaks. An ideal position consists of a low losing streak and a high winning streak. Furthermore, Oscar's Grind divides an entire gambling event into sessions. In betting, a session pertains to a sequence of repetitive wagers made until a person wins a profit by one unit.

Also, one unit initiates each session, and one unit of the profit ends the session. If a gambler loses, the session continues with repeated bets. Every time a person wins the game following a loss, the bet increases by one unit.

If the current bet warrants achieving a minimum of one unit of profit in total, no one would administer the increase, which ensures someone will win the next game. In addition, the bet size should decrease in such a situation. Doing so would guarantee players only win by 1 unit. With an unlimited supply of money and time, every session would end with only a one-unit profit.

Moreover, Oscar's Grind is the same as the Martingale-based and Labouchère system. To expound further, all of the systems revolve around the same premise. An infinite amount of money and time would guarantee a profit.

Failure to adhere to these rules results in a loss of the player's entire stake. Furthermore, a player can only lose 500 times in a row from a 500-unit bankroll.

Does Oscar's Grind work?

If occasional wins increase the amount of money wagered, the number sharply declines. Therefore, Oscar's Grind stems from a losing streak equivocated by winning streaks in the short run. An example consists of a 5-long losing streak equalized by a 3-long winning streak. Therefore, the player would get three units of profit from the 5-long winning streak.

Also, Oscar's Grind originates from the hot-hand bias. However, the mathematical premise of the strategy is unknown. In addition, Oscar's Grind also applies to non-even bets. To name a few, these include “streets” in roulette and so forth.

All the player has to do is keep a record of increases in bet size after successive wins. Furthermore, the possibility of reducing the variance by waiting for a couple of wins before increasing the bet size exists.

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