November 8, 2019

Mobile Security: Why Extra Care Should Be Taken Always

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As the usage of mobile devices increases, people never stop and think about the health effects associated with them. This article gives insights into this.

Mobile Security: Why Extra Care Should Be Taken Always

Health Effects of Mobile Radiation

As continued ownership and usage of mobile devices increases globally, the subject of the effect of mobile radiation is still under discussion. Mobile phones use electromagnetic radiation, while other digital wireless systems emit similar radiation which is deemed harmful to humans, although no research has proven that yet.

There are international guidelines on the levels of exposure to a microwave frequency. For instance, the power levels of mobile devices are limited by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection. Usually, mobile devices do not exceed the guidelines. The guidelines consider thermal effects since it is not a conclusive demonstration of nonthermal effects

Studied Effects of Mobile Radiation on Health

The comprehensive studies have looked at the effects of radiation on the cerebral blood flow, cancer, male fertility, and glucose metabolism, as well as electromagnetic hypersensitivity. In all these cases, no reliable or consistent evidence linked mobile radiation to any of these health conditions.

For instance, the study on cancer did not actually link mobile phone use to increased risk of brain or head cancer. Likewise, the survey of cerebral blood flow did not link mobile phone radiation exposure to any issues. Again, there were inconsistent results linking mobile radiation to brain glucose metabolism.

Mobile Safety Guidelines and Regulations

Some regulations have been put in place by governments and other international bodies to protect the people using mobile phones, as well as those living near base stations. Mobile phone manufacturers and network providers should adhere to specific safety standards which minimise the level of exposure to radiation.

Over 80 countries have adopted the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection guidelines. For instance, this body has instructions for both the general population and occupational exposure. Also, many other directions are coming up at national and international level. These are some of the efforts being made to curb radiation effects.

Precautionary Measures

Although some studies do not link radiation from mobiles and base stations to adverse health effects, some precautionary measures have already been put in place to protect people using these devices. For instance, the World Health Organization classified mobile phone radiation as carcinogenic. It advised people to reduce exposure to this radiation.

At the national level, governments have also advised people to limit exposure to mobile radiation as well. Other countries have recommended modest usage of mobile devices for children, because they have a higher Specific Absorption Rate compared to adults, as radiation penetrates more in children. These are some of the precautionary measures placed by authorities.

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