September 12, 2021

The Growing Trend of Mobile Casino Games

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If you’re a close observer of the online gaming industry, then you’ll attest that the trend is constantly innovating and changing. For example, it was impossible to imagine playing your favorite gambling games on a mobile casino just a few decades ago.

The Growing Trend of Mobile Casino Games

But this change didn’t just happen overnight. So, how exactly did the industry get where it is today? What are some of the reasons behind the exceptional growth of mobile casinos? This post unpacks it all!

Mobile Casino Industry Statistics

When the first gambling site was launched in 1994, expectations were sky-high. Well, the industry didn’t disappoint, launching more than 200 gambling sites by 1997. Back then, the annual revenue was at least $1 billion.

However, it was until the start of the 2000s that mobile casinos came to the fore. Remember, these are the years when first-gen Nokia phones were launched. But still, the industry didn’t grow that much until Apple and Google introduced iOS and Android, respectively. Can you picture the sheer number of people owning these devices today?

Currently, Ericsson data shows that there are more than 6 billion mobile phone users worldwide. Of this, 75% are Android users, whereas 20% are iOS fans. In short, the mobile casino industry is one too good to ignore.

Another 2020 research by SensorTower shows that 66% of App Store’s revenue came from gaming apps. The numbers are even significant on Google Play Store, posting an impressive 83%. Overall, these stats are enough to prove that the mobile casino industry is currently on a bull run.

Why are Mobile Casino Games So Popular?

Without wasting much time, below are some of the reasons why mobile casinos are hugely popular these days:

Increased Smartphone Penetration

As said before, the number of smartphone users is mind-boggling. But that’s not by coincidence. Today, almost everyone can afford a ‘decent’ smartphone or tablet for a few hundred dollars. Thanks to technology, manufactures are now able to produce many units without spending a lot of resources. Game developers then pounced on this growing trend to satisfy your thirst for gambling anywhere, anytime.

Improved Game Quality

To be fair, credit must go to all mobile casino game developers for constantly innovating and improving the gameplay experience. Previously, there were only a handful of the best mobile casino games to play. But now, you’ll even need help to choose a video slot title or blackjack variant to play at a mobile casino. This is a beautiful example of how competition has changed the gaming industry.

More Regulated Gambling Markets

Online gambling is still a relatively new trend. But because the industry is picking up pace pretty fast, authorities globally are putting in measures to make the whole thing safer and get some revenue in return. Due to increased regulation globally, it’s estimated that online gambling brings home at least $11.4 billion annually in revenue. So, it’s a win-win for all involved.

5G Network

Can you imagine that 2G and 3G internet connectivity are now almost obsolete? Yes, that’s how far the industry has come. Almost any modern smartphone you purchase supports a 4G network. But if you think that the fourth-generation network is faster, wait until you try a 5G smartphone. Here, you’ll experience a fast and steady mobile network, perfect for your live casino gaming activities.


In the coming years, you’ll likely see an increase in mobile casinos. This is evident in how newly regulated online gambling industries are propping up every day, with the ever-improving smartphone technology making it even better. So, the message is very simple; don’t miss a piece of the mobile casino action.

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