January 2, 2022

Primary Attributes of a Mobile Slot Game

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Seasoned players opine that slot machines are a no-go zone at the casino. They are somewhat correct, owing to the low RTP compared to table games like craps, poker, and blackjack. But still, online slot game remains the most popular today. That’s because they are simple to play and offer fantastic payouts.

Primary Attributes of a Mobile Slot Game

Unfortunately for players, choosing from the hundreds or even thousands of options at the casino isn’t easy. Players need to select a game that gives them the best shot at a win. And that’s what this post is all about.

Game graphics and sounds

The main idea behind joining a mobile casino is to have fun. As such, a worthy slot game should meet all the design aspects of an entertaining casino game. A good online slot should boast cool graphics and immersive sound effects. Such a game will make the player feel the part by teleporting them to a virtual world of ancient Egypt, Greece, the underworld, etc.

Apart from high-definition visuals, the game story should be quick to understand. Most players don’t like playing a game that takes two or more sessions to understand. Time and money are of the essence in the online gambling world. If possible, the gameplay should have several instalments with different twists and turns.

The game’s payback percentage

If you like the game visuals and storyline, it’s time to dig deeper into the technical aspects. All online slots come with a payback percentage, often called the RTP (Return to Player). This is the rate that determines how much the game pays out. This figure will tell the player the amount they should expect to win.

For example, most online slots have an average RTP rate of 96%. This means that players should expect a maximum return of $96 from a $100 bankroll. This also means a $4 loss on a perfect outing. This example shows that a game with a higher RTP rate is the most player-friendly. Remember that the more one plays the game, the more accurate the percentage.

The game’s variance

Some players make the mistake of overlooking the game’s variance. These players usually jump in to play any game with a favorable house edge. But what they don’t remember is that the game’s volatility determines how long the bankroll can last at the mobile casino. The variance simply means how often the game pays out.

For starters, high variance slots often pay out less often, although the amount is something to take home. On the flip side, a low variance slot pays out more frequently in low amounts. This means players with a big bankroll can afford to be patient for high payouts in high variance slots. But for budget players, playing a low variance slot is probably the best route.

Slot bonuses and features

Lastly, look at the slot bonuses and features before choosing. Almost all slots come with symbols that trigger bonus plays and free spins. Wilds and scatter symbols are the most common. Often, landing a wild gives the player a new payout consideration, whereas the scatters trigger free spins with retriggers in some cases.

Another thing to consider is the pay mechanic. Choosing the right one gives players more ways to trigger a big win. For example, the Cluster Pays mechanic allows players to create winning combinations horizontally or vertically. The Megaways mechanic, on the other side, gives players thousands of winning ways. So, make sure the mobile slot game offers many winning opportunities.


These are the essential features of an excellent online slot. Besides these, gamers should also check if the slot has a demo mode to help them get the hang of things before going live. Also, consider things like the maximum payout and the bet limits. And above all, play for fun and use a bankroll.

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