October 12, 2021

All 90 Bingo Slangs And What They Represent

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Have you ever watched a Bingo game and wonder what those rhymes the caller is shouting out mean? If the answer is yes, it means two things.

All 90 Bingo Slangs And What They Represent

A) You’re a complete newbie. B) You’re at the right place because we’re going to teach you the meaning of all the 90 slangs.

Before we start, let’s define the purpose of these slangs. The purpose of a Bingo slang is to clarify which number is being drawn. Simply saying the numbers would make things simple, but saying Goodbye Teens sounds much more fun than 19.

Since the games are supposed to be fun, Bingo slangs makes perfect sense. Now you know the purpose of these slangs, let’s talk about which number each slang represents.

Bingo’s terms and their meaning

We’re going to write the term next to the number it represents.

  1. Kelly’s Eye

  2. One Little Duck

  3. Cup of Tea

  4. Knock at the Door

  5. Man Alive

  6. Tom Mix

  7. Lucky Seven

  8. Garden Gate

  9. Doctor’s Orders

  10. Blind 10

  11. Legs 11

  12. One Dozen

  13. Unlucky for some

  14. Valentine’s Day

  15. Young and Keen

  16. Sweet 16

  17. Old Ireland

  18. Coming of Age

  19. Goodbye Teens

  20. Two Little Ducks

  21. Royal Salute

  22. Two Little Ducks

  23. Thee and Me

  24. Two Dozen

  25. Duck and Dive

  26. Pick and Mix

  27. Gateway to Heaven

  28. Overweight

  29. Rise and Shine

  30. Dirty Gertie

  31. Get Up and Run

  32. Buckle My Shoe

  33. All the Trees

  34. Ask for More

  35. Jump and Jive

  36. Three Dozen

  37. More than 11

  38. Christmas Cake

  39. Steps

  40. Naughty 40

  41. Time for Fun

  42. Winnie the Pooh

  43. Down on your knees

  44. Droopy Drawers

  45. Halfway There

  46. Up to Tricks

  47. Four and Seven

  48. Four Dozen

  49. PC

  50. Half a Century

  51. Tweak of the Thumb

  52. Weeks of the Year

  53. Stuck in the Tree

  54. Clean the Floor

  55. Snakes Alive

  56. Was She Worth It?

  57. Heinz Varieties

  58. Make Them Wait

  59. Brighton Line

  60. Five Dozen

  61. Bakers Bun

  62. Turn of the Screw

  63. Tickle Me 63

  64. Red Raw

  65. Old Age Pension

  66. Clickety Click

  67. Made in Heaven

  68. Pick a Mate

  69. Either Way Up

  70. Three Score and 10

  71. Bang on the Drum

  72. Six Dozen

  73. Queen Bee

  74. Candy Store

  75. Strive and Strive

  76. Trombones

  77. All the Sevens

  78. Heaven’s Gate

  79. One More Time

  80. Ate Nothing

  81. Stop and Run

  82. Straight on Through

  83. Time for Tea

  84. Seven dozen

  85. Staying Alive

  86. Between the Sticks

  87. Torquay in Devon

  88. Two Fat Ladies

  89. Nearly There

  90. Top of the Shop


As you can tell by reading this list, you will not memorize all the terms at once. Also, depending on where you’re playing you may see some terms you haven’t seen on this list. The key to instinctively knowing which number each term represents and not embarrassing yourself is to keep playing online Bingo.

The good news is you can always refer to this list and check what the term means until you’ve memorized all 90 terms on your fingertips.

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